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Sunrise Natural Health and Nutrition Centre, 31 Spa Rd, Hockley, Essex , SS5 4AZ. T: 01702 207017

Sunrise Natural Health and Nutrition Centre

Sunrise Health

Sunrise Health is a friendly, professional, natural health Centre, aiming to help you reach and maintain your optimum health. With a comprehensive range of therapies and over 2000 natural foods and supplements in stock, we are your one-stop Natural Health Service in the Southend, Rayleigh, Rochford and Hockley area. All our therapists are fully qualified professionals.

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Latest News

Love CBD oil sprays

'LOVE'  CBD OIL 300MG £18.99  500MG £28.99 800MG £48.99

Quit Smoking

We often want to quit smoking but believe that we can't. There can be many factors that stop us from quitting, mostly fear. Quite often people ask me "what can I do with my hands" or "when I have something to eat I always have a cigarette". These are habits and can be changed if you want to change. 70% of smokers want to quit but few do.


Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of relaxation and concentration, dating back to 1734. Deeper parts of the mind become more accessible and by using clinical hypnotherapy, desired and beneficial change can happen.

Our Therapists

Ann Lambert

Reflexology is the name given to the natural therapy which involves stimulating particular points on the feet or sometimes hands.

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Christina Wilson

Christina has been a practising Reflexologist since she qualified in 1996 at the West London School of Reflexology.

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Clare Gale

Specialising in food sensitivity, vitamin & mineral balance, hormone imbalance, environmental sensitivities.

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Jane Crake

In 1985 I graduated as a chiropodist from the London Foot Hospital. I worked for Havering Health Authority for two years in community clinics.

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Lynn Mullane

Lynn has been practising clinical hypnotherapy for over 5 years. Lynn's qualifications consist of a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypno-Analysis.

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Sally Faraway

After seeing the misunderstanding and misuse of orthodox drugs in mental health as a child, my interest grew in alternative healing.

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Simon Headley

Simon Headley is a Registered Osteopath and Medical Acupuncturist who also runs his own practice in Essex.

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