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Sunrise Natural Health and Therapies,
31 Spa Rd,
SS5 4AZ.

T: 01702 207017

Lynn Mullane: Clinical Hypnotherapist & Counsellor : Clinical Hypnotherapist

Lynn has been practising clinical hypnotherapy for over 5 years.

Lynn's qualifications consist of a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypno-Analysis. She is also a Hypnogastric Band Practitioner.

To ensure that all her clients go through a professional and safe therapy she is a member of APHP and abides by their strict code of ethics.The APHP is based in England and has members from all over the world. To become a member you have to be personally invited or have gone through comprehensive training with proven qualifications. She is also a member of the UK regulatory board CNHC.

It has long been recognised that the mind, body and soul are connected and that one affects the other. Most physical problems are connected to emotional issues and that is why hypnotherapy by dealing with the emotional issues can be life changing. The unconscious mind is 90% of what you do, think and how you behave. The medical profession is now beginning to understand the benefits of hypnosis and the mind body connection.

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