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Sunrise Natural Health and Nutrition Centre, 31 Spa Rd, Hockley, Essex , SS5 4AZ. T: 01702 207017

Treatments & Fees

Therapist Treatment Duration Fee
Clare Gale Sensitivity & Nutrition Specialist
Full Health Screening full written report and advice 1hr £100.00
Hair Screening with full on line report (if you are unable to come in person) Full payment is taken at time of booking appointment. £100.00
if your follow up is paid for with first payment you will save 15.00 £135.00
Simon Headley Osteopathy/Medical Acupuncture/Sports injury massage 1hr on first appointment £40.00
30mins on subsequent appointments £40.00
Lynn Mullane Hypnotherapy: Initial consultation 30min FREE.
Treatments 1hr £70.00
Quit Smoking 2hr £200.00
Jane Crake Chiropody/Podiatry 30 minutes £23.00
Sally Faraway Aromatherapy/Indian head massage/Detox foot spa /Hopi ear candle. Various See aromatherapy page for more detail
Ann Lambert Reflexology 1hr Adult £33.00
Christina Wilson Reflexology 1hr Adult £33.00
Child £18.00

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