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Food Sensitivity Testing

Eating a healthy diet helps to promote good health. However, the use of pesticides and preservatives within the food chain can have a detrimental effect on the nutritional value of foods or may possibly upset the digestive system or cause migraines. Food sensitivities and digestive problems are now very common.

Using the Asyra Pro Bio Resonnance system the non-invasive food sensitivity testing can be carried out simple and easily using either your finger or toe and you will be given a printed sheet with your results at the end of the test. The test results are for general guidance and whilst avoiding the suspect foods can have a beneficial effect it is advisable to work towards optimising digestive health.

Preparation on the day:

> Avoid the use of hand cream
> Keep jewellery to a minimum
> Do not eat a full meal 40 minutes before the test

Please continue to take medication that has been prescribed by your GP as these should not be discontinued without medical advice, although self-prescribed nutritional supplements can be discontinued for that day.

It is possible to test children but please check before making an appointment since it is not always practical to carry out a test on very young children as they need to sit still for the duration of the test.

Please be advised that in the interest of safety the test cannot be carried out if you are pregnant, suffer with epilepsy or have been fitted with a pacemaker.

To book your test with Clare Gale, Nutritionist, please telephone 01702 207 017

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