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Sunrise Natural Health and Therapies,
31 Spa Rd,
SS5 4AZ.

T: 01702 207017

Health Screening

Health screening is carried out using an electronic testing device, the BioMeridian Vantage system. The procedure is painless and you can rest assured that no blood or needles are involved. You will be asked to hold a brass hand mass while the operator, Clare Gale, Nutritionist and Homeopath takes readings from accupressure meridian points on both hands and feet.

Once the screening is complete a computerised chart will be printed off and the results discussed you with. Dietary advice and will be given along with recommendations for nutritional supplementation.

The benefits of this type of screening help identify areas of the body that need extra support.

Prior to the screening being carried out please ensure that you drink plenty of water. Do not stop taking any prescribed medication. On the day of the test please ensure the operator will be able to access your feet easily, so it is best not to wear tights please do not wear tights.

Please be aware that this procedure cannot be carried out if you are pregnant, suffer with epilepsy or are fitted with a pacemaker.

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