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Sunrise Natural Health and Therapies,
31 Spa Rd,
SS5 4AZ.

T: 01702 207017


Jane Crake HPC Registered (State Registered) Chiropodist

Routine toe-nail cutting, and much more..............

Jane is a podiatrist/chiropodist, a health professional who can assess,diagnose and treat painful foot conditions such as:

  • Callus & corns
  • Ingrown toe nails
  • Thick toe nails
  • Cracked, split heels

We provide essential footcare for elderly or disabled patients. We also manage patients at high risk of foot problems such as diabetics, rheumatoid arthritics and those suffering from peripheral vascular disease and circulatory disorders.

Both 'chiropodist' and 'podiatrist' are protected titles and can only be used by people registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) All members must meet the exacting standards set by the HPC, which include training,skills,behaviour and health. There is no difference between chiropody and podiatry. The term 'chiropodist' has been used traditionally within the UK and 'podiatrist' more internationally, but increasingly both terms are being used here in the UK.

Please note: we do not supply insoles or other orthotics.

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