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S.A.D: Seasonal Affective Disorder or Soul Awareness Depletion?

Winter is a season for reconnecting to our inner light. 

Time to light the candle within.

The still winter darkness is the perfect time to not look

externally for the light of happiness, but inside.

Switch off your T.V, radio, laptop, your phone, and sit by a candle

or real fire, relax that busy mind.

Breath slowly, gentlly, listen to your breath for 5 mins everyday,

and build up to 15 to 30 mins, before you start your day.

Yes, St Johns Wort, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, plenty of fresh fruit and veg

(some raw), seeds and outside exercise can all help.

But your light, warmth, love comes from within. 

Surely this is the true Christmas spirit,

nurture it. 

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